Laser Hair Removal

Cool Glide excel is a high powered, long pulsed NdYag laser technology from Cutera, USA, for hair removal. The laser has a 1064 nm wavelength, which is the ideal wavelength for Indian skin types. Body and facial hair is removed in a virtually painless manner with no skin irritation, discoloration or inflammation.

A minimum of 4-8 sessions are required for satisfactory hair reduction. Results may vary on individual hair growth patterns and hormonal imbalances.


  • Stop bleaching / threading / waxing of hair a month before your appointment
  • After the laser treatment, avoid excessive exposure to the sun, especially between 11 am and 4 pm for at least a week
  • Use SPF 15-30 sunscreen lotion regularly
  • Do not splash warm / hot water to clean the treated area, for at least 2 days after the treatment
  • Do not scrub the treated area too hard
  • Do not swim for 2 days after the procedure
  • Do not bleach / thread / wax the treated area in between the treatment. You could, however, shave the hair 2-3 times

During treatment, hair re-growth occurs in three phases :

  • 1st–2nd week—the shedding hair will grow out and fall off, or can be shaved; but do not shave too often
  • 3rd–4th week—usually no hair growth occurs
  • 5th–6th week—the hair grows, but is thinner, softer and less dense.
  • 6th–8th week—repeat next laser session.